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The Barrow of the Ogre King (Part II)

A group of adventurers went into the Barrow of the Ogre King approximately two weeks ago and never returned. (The Barrow of the Ogre King (Part I, coming soon))
We ventured into the barrow and met several undead goblins with stronger foes in the mix.

It opened in the forest with 3 related zombies (the reanimated corpses of Diego (sporting a funny hat), Santiago (with fur patches) & El Fuego (with his charred flesh)). I believe Bulrog took Diego's [hat].

The first room inside the barrow contained a mounted zombie (the reanimated corpse of Tookie (carrying two scimitars, one labelled "The Manopener")). Teron took Tookie's [Manopener].

The second room contained a zombie (the reanimated corpse of Lok'tar (carrying a battleaxe and a warhammer)) along with a ghost (the lost soul of Xavian (complete with halo markings)). Alwilda received [Blade of Xavian] (comes with epic daily power).

The third room contained a corridor with two rooms, one on either side, filled with corpses.

The fourth room contained another ghost (the lost soul of Electissimus (complete with glowing shield and centurion helmet)). The [shield] was given to Kenpachi as he was the only shield-bearer. The [Helm of the Centurion] was given to Elenohtar to hold onto for safe-keeping until the party is able to investigate what it actually does.

The final room contained a rotting undead goblin who proved to be a strong foe. However, he was vanquished and the sarcophagus was opened to reveal a [mace] which was given to Kayden.

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